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Welcome to the NLI Meme Library 2.0

The capability for the average person to pay attention has dropped dramatically in recent years due to bad nutrition building faulty brains, and a lack of quality education.

Only 20% of people who clicked on this page have read to this word.  You are a rare intellectual and you should be PROUD!

Despite our bad nutrition, people have always been stupid.  

Most won’t read your detailed notes and literature links.  

The best way to Educate quickly in line with the average learning capacity is with MEMES!

Picture worth a thousand words?

Limited Time Trying to Fix Stupid?

Level of Intelligence You Are Trying To Reach Rather Low?

Meme it.

The NLI Meme Library is your one stop quick Meme Shop (all FREE) based off Category and the Specific Type of Stupid You are Trying to Fix!

Over 9,500 INtactivist Memes To Enhance Your Capbabilities!

Over 275 Subjects Relating to All Areas of Intactivism!

Own the Debate with Ease!
Show them the Truth about CHILD GENITAL CUTTING!
These Images don't lie!

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Let us know if you have any recommendations and let us know how the Meme Library has influenced your intactivism!

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what we do in life… echoes in eternity

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