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Anatomy Structure and Function

The Hidden Simple Facts of Male Genital Anatomy By World Renowned Nurse And Why The World Doesn’t Know It

Sorrells Fine Touch Sensitivity Of The Penis Intact Compared To Genitally Cut: Video

Sorrells Fine Touch Sensitivity Of The Penis Intact Compared To Genitally Cut: PubMed Article

Video On The Functions Of The Foreskin

The Intromission Function Of The Foreskin

The mechanism is simple. The interposed foreskin decreases the friction between the introitus and the glans. The unretracted foreskin consists of a thin dermis that is folded on itself with very little friction between the layers. As the penis advances, the foreskin unrolls so that the portion that makes initial contact with the introitus is 6 cm. Up the shaft before any friction occurs between the device and the skin.

Anatomy Of The Penis: Penile And Foreskin Neurology By Professor Ken McGrath

Ken McGrath, Senior Lecturer in Pathology at the Faculty of Health, Auckland University of Technology and Member of the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Scientists discusses his research into the neural anatomy of the human penis and the physical damages caused by circumcision.

McGrath is author of The Frenular Delta: A New Preputial Structure published in Understanding Circumcision: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Problem, Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Genital Integrity: Safeguarding Fundamental Human Rights in the 21st Century, held December 7-9, 2000, in Sydney Australia.

ONLY Histology Study of the Male Penis To Use Microscopes: The Prepuce: Specialized Mucosa Of The Penis And Its Loss To Circumcision

by J.R. Taylor, A.P. Lockwood and A.J. Taylor
Department of Pathology, Health Sciences Centre, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

BRITISH JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Volume 77, Pages 291-295,
February 1996.

The prepuce

C.J. COLD and J.R. TAYLOR* Departments of Pathology, Marshfield Clinic, Wisconsin, USA, and *Health Sciences Centre, University of Manitoba, Canada British Journal of Uroloygy, Volume 83, Suppl. 1: Pages 34-44, January 1999.


Circumcision removes the most important sensory component of the foreskin – thousands of coiled fine-touch receptors called Meissner’s corpuscles. Also lost are branches of the dorsal nerve, and 10,000-20,000+ specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types.
Together these detect subtle changes in motion and temperature, as well as fine gradations in texture.

Meissner’s Corpuscles are found in our lips and fingertips. They’re there for us to detect the lightest of touches. So take your hands and rub them together.  Feel that friction? This is the sensation that is not supposed to be felt during intercourse.

Size Of The Foreskin – Its NOT Just A Flap’ Of Skin!

“First, a dissection feasibility study was performed in eight male cadavers. Dissection proved feasible, and the mean surface area of the prepuce, when folded out, was 46.7 cm2. (18.4 square inches)”

Penis reduction self sensitivity self-test I (Women can do partly)

Proof of what I’m saying that ANY male mutilated man can determine for himself. 

Of course ANY whole intact man can just reach down and say, Oh that feels good. Yup there is nice sensation right there. 

An intact man can stroke the ridge band (bunch of tissue that creates a ring around the penis (this is your natural ridges that some condoms tries to reproduce – sorry cut men, you don’t have this anymore), the frenulum which is the tether on the underside that holds the foreskin in place and the frenular delta (delta like shape created under the meatus and glans by the frenulum) to feel the exquisite sensitivity provided by the Meissner’s Corpuscles.  

I’ll tell you how you know. Close your eyes and feel the back of your hand. Then compare to the palm. The back has Pacinian corpuscles (nerves). The palm has more sensitive Meissner’s corpuscles (fine touch nerves). Meissner’s corpuscles are found in the palms, fingers and bottom of the feet, the lips and in underside of the eye lid.

Meissner’s corpuscles are fine touch and temperature nerves where as Pacinian corpuscles are general pressure nerves.  You won’t be able to locate exactly where your sensation is coming from with Pacinian corpuscles.  Pacinian corpuscles are also much less dense then Meissner’s corpuscles.  With Meissner’s corpuscles you feel EXACTLY where you are touching.  

For a woman this is as far as you can go.  For a man continue:

Now feel the underside of what was left of your penis just under the glans (head) following the line known as the penile raphe. Notice this is the most sensitive part of what is left of your penis. Notice this is why during oral sex when your partner licks the underside of your penis it feels AMAZING.

If you had your whole penis those Meissner’s corpuscles are EXTREMELY dense in the ridged band and frenulum and frenular delta which you no longer have or at least have a reduced version of. Your LUNCH has been reduced. 

Post-Circumcision Sexual Sensitivity Self-Test II

How Much of Your Sexual Sensitivity Has Been Cut Away? A circumcised man can assess how important his missing skin is by testing his remaining sexually sensitive tissue as follows:

• In an aroused state, caress the skin downwards, starting from the end of the penis.

• When your stroke crosses the scar line, note the stark difference in sensitivity. The amount of sensitive area you have remaining between the scar line and the glans is just a sample of what you had before your circumcision. This sensitive region is normally much larger and folded inside the foreskin in the intact male, where it is moist and protected from constant stimulation. After circumcision, what remains of this region is exposed, dried out, and greatly desensitized.

Child circumcision was designed in an attempt to reduce the sexual appetite by reducing the amount of pleasure sexual stimulation can provide you.

That is your Meissner’s Corpuscles at work! Meissner’s Corpuscles in the foreskin allow an intact man to be multi-orgasmic and can have an orgasm in ANY region of his foreskin with the lightest touch of his finger.

How. Cool. Is. That?!….For 80% of the world’s men

Source 1:

R. K. Winkelmann, M. D., Section of Dermatology, “The Erogenous Zones: Their Nerve Supply and it’s Significance”

Source 2:

R. K. Winkelmann, M. D., Section of Dermatology, “The Cutaneous Intervention of the Human Prepuce”

“The prepuce is a highly enervated and vascularized genital structure. It is entirely lined with the peripenic muscle sheet. Specialized ecoptic sebaceious glans on the inner preputial surface produce natural emollients and lubricants necessary for normal sexual function. The primary orgasmic triggers are found in the prepucutial orifice and frenulum. When unfolded, the prepuce is large enough to cover the length and circumference of the erect penis and acts as a natural sheath through which the shaft glides during coitus. Only the presence and functions of the prepuce allow for physiologically normal coitus to occur as designed by nature.

Senslip on how thickening of exposed glans can be reduced

How the foreskin moves


Widipedia Ridged Band

Most Amerikan Physicians are completely ignorant of foreskin and NORMAL penial anatomy

In 1992, I conducted a series of interviews with physicians in Salt Lake City, Utah. Among other questions, interviewees were asked what knowledge they had of the nature and function of the prepuce. Aside from the ability of a few to recite a passage from a pamphlet produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics (in which the prepuce is described as tissue that protects the glans penis), most physicians were ignorant of the anatomy and physiology of the genital structures they were routinely removing from infants and children. Subsequent research revealed the reason for their lack of knowledge.

We find 67% of the depictions of the human penis are anatomically incorrect. Of the primary images of the human penis, 71% are incorrect, while 54% of the secondary are incorrect. It is evident that the penis is misrepresented in the medical literature used in medical schools. The penis is routinely defined and depicted in a partially amputated condition, as if this were a natural state, without explanation or caveat. This study indicates that students are being misinformed about fundamental anatomy.

The Truth of Jennifer Bassio’s study

Immunological functions of the human prepuce

The foreskin is an organ as complex as a liver & research has only begun to find its many functions. As only 1 Ex. it contains estrogen binding cells that bind with the hormones from the partner and then send signals to the testicles so sperm can be optimized for THAT partner. Dr Paul Tinari

Clinical Elicitation of the Penilo-Cavernosus Reflex in Circumcised Men

Simon Podnar PMID: 21883821 DOI: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2011.10364.x

Objective: • To test clinical observations that the penilo-cavernosus reflex is much more difficult to elicit in circumcised men.

Conclusion: • The study confirmed the lower clinical and similar neurophysiological elicit

ability of the penilo-cavernosus reflex in circumcised men and in men with foreskin retraction. This finding needs to be taken into account by urologists and other clinicians in daily clinical practice.

Bulbospongiosus muscle


Table of Contents


Guy A. Bronselaer Justine M. Schober Heino F.L. Meyer‐Bahlburg Guy T’Sjoen Robert Vlietinck Piet B. Hoebeke
First published: 04 February 2013

The analysis sample consisted of 1059 uncircumcised and 310 circumcised men.
For the glans penis, circumcised men reported decreased sexual pleasure and lower orgasm intensity. They also stated more effort was required to achieve orgasm, and a higher percentage of them experienced unusual sensations (burning, prickling, itching, or tingling and numbness of the glans penis).

For the penile shaft a higher percentage of circumcised men described discomfort and pain, numbness and unusual sensations.

In comparison to men circumcised before puberty, men circumcised during adolescence or later indicated less sexual pleasure at the glans penis, and a higher percentage of them reported discomfort or pain and unusual sensations at the penile shaft.

This study confirms the importance of the foreskin for penile sensitivity, overall sexual satisfaction, and penile functioning.

Furthermore, this study shows that a higher percentage of circumcised men experience discomfort or pain and unusual sensations as compared with the uncircumcised population.

Before circumcision without medical indication, adult men, and parents considering circumcision of their sons, should be informed of the importance of the foreskin in male sexuality.

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