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It's Time for Planned Organized Intactivism

No human rights movement in history has been so disorganized, so haphazard, and so unsupported by the public and in particular the media.

Cutting apart the genitals of healthy normal children is literally one of the worst things you could possibly do to a child.

This is a rare case of too stupid, too cowardly, too evil to even exist.  People cannot even grasp Child Genital Cutting because it is so aberrant and inexcusable it violates everything we think of ourselves.

Just to accept the facts, we must accept we were duped.  Me must accept the fact that we are sexually damaged.  No man wants to acknowledge that.  So no way it could really be THAT bad.  I mean no one complains.  Therefore, we have large groups of people that refuse to even acknowledge the obvious harm of sexually mutilating little children who can’t fight back.  

However, in a debate between a sufficiently educated intactivist and literally any baby cutter alive of any level of education or capability, we cannot lose.  We can never lose a reasonable, logical, ethically consistent debate.  There is not now, nor was there ever a legitimate excuse to torture and sexually cripple children!


Hacking the Matrix


How will we break into the collective consciousness of our culture?

How do we break the taboo, the belittling, the deflecting and simple disregard that ensue with just a mention of the subject?

Recently Brandon Marotta, producer and creator of the hit documentary, American Circumcision, wrote in his new book, The Intactivist Guidebook, that ending genital cutting of children will take a cultural awakening of sorts.

As intactivists we are limited in our potential to reach others with our message.  Street corner protests have limited reach without media support, posting on social media is limited by an increasingly censorship as intactivist who say unpopular things are silenced.  Social media posting by intactivists has become an echo chamber and a circle jerk, lube required.

So HOW do we break into the collective consciousness of America?


NLI has a Proven Method and A Scalable Solution!


We find high value targets with a potential to influence larger groups then we can as individuals.

There is no hidden secret that will give us this ability.  The only ingredients needed is a lot of elbow grease, a dash of intelligence, a tablespoon of organization and a small dedicated, consistent group of Volunteers!

If we unite our talents and minds we can end American Medicalized Child Genital Cutting together!


How WE can end American Medicalized Child Genital Cutting (AM-CGC)?


  1. Choose High Influence and High Value Group to Target
  2. Develop Large Enough Contact Database to Create a Buzz within the group
  3. Write weekly non-stop Educational Campaigns covering all aspects of the Debate
  4. Follow up with Recorded Phone Calls


High Value Potential Targets


  • Media Outlets
  • Child Psychologists
  • Injury Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Doulas and Midwives
  • OBGYN and Pediatricians (mouth of the beast – huge potential)
  • Religious Organizations (Jewish, Muslim and Christian)
  • Politicians
  • Parenting Publications
  • Mother and Bridal Groups
  • Civil Rights Lawyers
  • Neurologists
  • Sexologists
  • Martial Artists

By focusing on a smaller yet influential group we are able to spark conversations within the group by creating a buzz.

NLI Volunteers started by developing our Media Outreach Database.  We felt that Media would be the most influential database as well as the most demanding.  We also wanted to have a Database from which to inform Media of intactivists protests.  Media seemed like the most value for our time.  Reporters are often more educated in critical thinking, logic and debate.  Reporters are taught to listen and to pull out information they need for their stories.

Additionally reporters have the greatest potential for reaching out to the members of our society.  We hope that by educating reporters we can influence the quality of their writing as well as increase their interests in covering this issue.

We proved the effectiveness of our outreach in 2018 leading up to the AAP in Florida we got 5 articles published in 5 days!  Again in 2019 we ran our Media Outreach during the Bloodstained men Southern College Tour.  We help influence another 15 articles smashing Bloodstained Men’s past publishing success.

We have continued to develop our database ever since.

Currently we have the entire media outlets in the states of FL, AR, NV, OR, and WA and are nearly done with CA, the state with the largest number of media outlets.

We hope to soon finish MO, KS and OK.

Next we will tackle TX and NY as well as any place an intactivist is active.


Educational Outreach Campaigns

Once we have the contact information, next step is written email and social media campaigns.  We will pick a topic and write 3-6 emails to go out once a week until we cover the subject. At the end of the campaign we call outlets to get their opinions of  the campaign, and request that they read the emails if they haven’t already.

We use the phone calls to further educate reporters and to guarantee our message is being heard.  Tele-Tactivism is probably the biggest bang for our buck.

Some of the conversations I have had with reporters has been epic.

These are the educated movers and shakers and potentially our most powerful allies.


Brandon talks about how we must organize and we must take action.  I think this insight by one of the leaders of the Intactivist Movement is right on target.  

While Brandon talks about influencing our society, at NLI we know we don’t need a large following or a large list of people who support us.

We create the list and we EDUCATE those who have influence!


What we need is workers who are dedicated to ending AM-CGC, who are self motivated by ending this crime against our children, and who don’t mind working at a desk copying and pasting away and who do not believe themselves above the grind of clicking and scrolling and inputting data or writing campaigns or making phone calls. 

We are looking for the FEW the PROUD the ACTIVE INTACTIVIST!

If you want to do more then shit post on social media platforms that do everything they can to disrupt our message join our Volunteer force.  We can help you reach your full intactivist potential and save babies from the fate so many of us suffer from! 




To learn more:

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We give Intactivists real actions that can and will make a difference in our society!

Are you ready to SAVE BABIES!

You know what to do.

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