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Help Us Protect Babies!

It’s going to take a movement of us all

Every email, every phone call, every social media post, every protest, every shared story has a potential to protect a child.  

Every child protected will start to reverse this disturbing social trend.  One day all children in America will be free of American Medicalized Child Genital Cutting (AMCGC)

One day we will look back disgusted that we EVER did this to our children.

*Future Babies Protectable
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Confirmed Babies Saved
Volunteers Needed
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*Est for longevity of AMCGC approx 20 years.  We can End AMCGC in 8 years (see about). 1.9 million boys per year for 12 years at 60% cut rate 13,680,000 future babies protectable if we take organized effective and efficient action.  

Help with an Existing Project
* Data Entry Specialists
* Writers
* Editors
* Phone Calls
Start Your Own Project
Have a great idea?
Want some help?
Want to help organize a committee?
Get your friends involved.

Help with an Existing Project


  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Phone Calls
  • Help Us Get Articles PRINTED!

Start Your Own Project

  • Have a great idea? 
  • Want some help? 
  • Want to help organize a committee?
  • Want to start one of our proposed Committees or Projects?
  • Get your friends involved.

⇩ See Proposed and Current Programs ⇩

Volunteer Connection Project
Media Outreach Database 
Mutilators Accountability Project
NLI Meme Library
Intactivist Educational Resources (in development)

Printing Flyer/Cards/Brochures Action Committee
Website Action Committee
Email Committee
Donation and Funds Development Committee
Local Group Recruitment and Organization
Intactivist Historical Society
Cultural Outreach Committee
Multi-Media Committee
Doctor Accountability Project
Nurse Outreach Project
Volunteer Organization Committee
Protest Action Committee
Protestor Safety Committee
Education Action Committee
University Speaking Group
Intactivist Education Program
Politician Outreach Committee
Religion Outreach Committee
Scientific Research Committee
Mother Empowerment Committee
Victim Support Group
Legal Team
Wikipedia Posting Committee
Language Translation Committee
Documentary and Film Committee

Together we can save babies!

Together We Can Accomplish So Much More
Volunteers Self Organizing


Are you sick of feeling like there is nothing you can do about the horrors of child genital cutting being forced on 3,000 American baby boys every day?

You are NOT alone. There are thousands of motivated intactivists who want to do more.

Join one of our programs or start your own program and lets make a real difference in this world for our children.

Our most helpless deserve FAR better then genital mutilation.
Does it feel like your social media reach is diminishing?

Have you noticed that the more you speak out the smaller your reach?

Do you want to reach more people then you can with social media?

Many of us have thought of these ideas.

Its very hard to take an idea from concept to action.

It’s time to stop talking and start doing. We must prize effectiveness and efficiency over intention and ego.  

Proof is in the pudding.  Was there a lasting influence or effect?  If not it’s time to reevaluate and redirect. 

What if you were part of a group of dedicated intactivists working on projects that have real potential to make a splash in our collective cultural consciousness?

WHY YOU? Why Now?

  • Organization Between Intactivist Organizations

    We do not want to recreate existing structures. We want to piggyback on and enhance other intactivist organizations. We are all united in our common cause setting aside our individual differences.

  • Non-Compete Structure

    We choose to be Volunteer run without our own fundraising efforts. We do not want to compete with existing organizations within a limited intactivist pool of donations. We strive to increase the pool for all organizations through recruitment of new intactivists as well as encouragement of both donation and volunteer time from current intactivists for existing organisations.

  • Why NOT us? Why NOT now?

    No one else is going to do it. The cutters are not going to all the sudden grow a consciousness and a soul and give up on their cash cow, in this case cannibalizing little babies genitals.....

    What are YOU waiting for? We have so much work to do.

We are Not
just Looking 4
any 'ol

Your Next Step Take Can Change The World!

When you Can't Do NOTHING?

When Doing Nothing is Not An Option

When Doing Nothing is Not An Option

Do you feel powerless to stop this senseless butchery of helpless infants for what amounts to trivial medical excuses? 

What if intactivists worked on projects together to extend our effectiveness? 

What if we focused our attention on destroying the lies of the American Medical Establishment?

Effective Powerful Intactivism

Current Active Projects

Jump into a successful running program!  We need help right now.  Our databases are waiting for data researchers willing to gather contact information.  We hope to run Educational Outreach Campaigns.  Currently we have a huge database of media outlets across the country for use of all reputable intactivists and intactivist organizations.  

NLI Database Development

We are developing huge databases of various sectors of our society to reach out with Educational Outreach Campaigns.

Social Accountability Project​

We track statements by society to share society's social ignorance with the future. ​

Protests Planning and Organization

Street Corner Protests!

Hospital Protests!

University Protests!

Event Planning and Organization

Trade Shows!


Directed Outreach!

Published Media Articles

Reach Far!

Get Articles Published!

Educate Reporters!

Database Development

Targeted Education Campaigns!

Email/Phone/Social Media Campaigns and Outreach!

High Value Targets:
Reporters, Editors, Producers, Psychologists, Educators,  Doctors and Lawyers!

NLI Success Stories

NLI Meme Library

Solutions for Intactivists

Protect Babies

The Reason we Do it

Published Articles

Reach Thousands More

three steps to success

Reach Your Intactivist Potential

Together we are POWERFUL!

Divided we will FAIL!


Fill Out Our Volunteer Questionnaire!

Let us know your skills, motivations and projects you are interested in joining or starting


Join a Group of Dedicated Intactivsts

Attend meetings and planning sessions with your group and plan weekly actions for every member of the group.


Take Effective, Efficient Action Every Week!

NLI is about taking action.  Set aside a minimum of 2 hours per week to dedicate to Intactivism!

we will assist you to find a niche for your brand of intactivism

We support your unique talents and capabilities and we want to help you maximize your potential and reach more people and save more children because of NLI!

Find Out What You Can Do For Inactivism

Help Us Save the Next Generation!

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Help us take Intactivism to the Nest Level!

Learn powerful and influential Intactivist strategies to help us take down America’s largest Medical Fraud that harms our babies, our children, and the men they become.