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"Peace Begins at Birth"

“Peace Begins at Birth”
– Intactivist Superstar Jerry Theother


Trauma is no way to start our children’s lives. These little victims of the collective ignorance of our society feel every clamp, rip, scrape, crush and cut, the same as if the surgery was done on any awake, aware grown adult’s very sensitive so called ‘private’ parts.

Imagine surgery on the most sensitive area of your genitals without anesthesia. Maybe, you actually did go through this. We are literal sexually torturing and crippling 3,000 babies every single day in modern American hospitals by doctors we are told have the most advanced medical education on the planet.

CGC or Child Genital Cutting is a clear violation of medical ethics, using methodologically flawed, culturally biased studies of trivial benefits that have NEVER been demonstrated

through real world epidemiological studies (studies of disease in society). Most American doctors do not even know the basic 101 level anatomy and function of intact male genitals as many are, sadly, themselves missing this vibrant, essential, valuable part their genitals.

Circumcision, a relic of 19th century quack medicine was once designed as a punishment for masturbation when it was believed that sin caused disease. It is now profitable, modern, yet still barbaric, and ignorant. It will soon be a source of the largest medical class action lawsuit in history and an embarrassment to modern American medicine. Circumcision is a cure in search of a disease that men with their whole genitals, in other cultures, never seem to suffer from.


First, Do No Harm – Hippocratic Oath

Even with the dorsal nerve block, the best option for infant local anesthesia, the most sensitive part, the underside, which is innervated by the perineal nerve, is not blocked. The nervous system is too complex for complete anesthesia of the surgery area and infants are too young to undergo general anesthesia. For this reason even children given anesthesia will still scream horribly when being mutilated, as they feel it regardless.

Current research tells us babies brains are more sensitive to pain then adults. Circumcision is likely the most painful trauma most men will experience in their entire lives. 55% of babies, still today, do not receive any anesthesia based off the mistaken, rather ridiculous and now debunked old medical belief that children’s nervous systems are not developed enough to feel pain.

I mean, can one not just LOOK and LISTEN to the baby to discover this? Are MRI studies really needed to confirm what every non culturally brainwashed human already knows?

Parents are told that their baby ‘slept through’ the surgery. Often, it is a ‘white lie’ nurses tell parents to make them feel better about their gut instincts. When true, it is a sign of even deeper trauma. We now know that freezing is part of the flight or flight reaction to severe trauma and may be because noise attracts more predators. Freezing during severe pain is actual a worse sign then screaming.

Most scream. As would most of us adults would scream if we were forced to go through this mutilation without anesthesia, or partial anesthesia as some of us reading this actually did.

Current research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) shows how damaging early trauma can be on the future life of a child.

“Although frequently misunderstood, adverse fetal and early childhood experiences can—and do—lead to physical and chemical changes in the brain that can last a lifetime.

Injurious experiences….are not “forgotten,” but rather are built into the architecture of the developing brain through the epigenome. The “biological memories” associated with these epigenetic changes can affect multiple organ systems and increase the risk not only for poor physical and mental health outcomes but also for impairments in future learning capacity and behavior.”

Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University


There is no scientific or moral doubt, Child Genital Cutting (CGC) is harming children both physically and psychologically and later sexually with relationships. This works the same for all children, of all sexes including male, female and intersex. Neither the sex organs of the child, nor the cultural norms of the parent change these obvious facts, nor their ultimate effects.

CGC is done in violation of a child’s most fundamental right. If any right exists in the minds of humans, the right to our own body is primary. Our ‘private’ parts are in fact private parts and not owned by other humans in our community for any reason.


We own every aspect of this debate. We own the science. We have the ethics. We know the sordid history. We know the profit motivations. We have the histology reports, the sensitivity testing and the psychological studies on trauma. We know how traumatic this unnecessary, damaging surgery is on children. We even know children die from this.

As we speak this hidden, cancerous tumor on our society is being exposed. It is so hideous and ugly it can not be hidden for much longer. The internet will destroy CGC. CGC rates have dropped in the US. Truth will prevail and more parents will stop the doctors.

This is one of the most important and influential issues of our time. CGC is a deep rabbit hole, one that takes unpacking from every aspect until one fully comprehends the potentiality of the full repercussions. CGC effects are huge, hidden and far reaching. One can only deduce how much of our social decay directly relates to CGC.

What does this damage to the male mind, body and sexuality do to our collective society? How does this male damage affect the female both in sexual satisfaction and emotional connection? Does this influence family life? How does this influence mother child relationships? How will the influence family relationships as growing children start to question the scar in the middle of their genitals?

Let us protect the next generation. Let us not allow our society to blindly repeat these cycles of trauma. I promise you there is no better feeling then knowing a child will not be subjected to this trauma because of your actions.


The world deserves the truth of human genital anatomy and function. We will give it to them. What we do today, echos through the future. Be a part of something huge.

Be a part of ending American Genital Mutilation and protecting all children from genital cutting once and for all. The future will HEAR US! The future will THANK US!

Love to all my fellow intactivists in this fight for the most helpless and the most voiceless of our society!

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