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Want to learn the truth that has been hidden from us our entire lives?  Here it is.  The real Red Pill of our society.  If you are out in social media land and you want some responses to some of the garbage American lies, you can find a rebuttal here.

There are numerous links to articles, videos as well as included commentary often by yours truly.  

Please read before you copy and paste.  Many of these comments may not be appropriate for your target.  Some are angry.  But it is my goal to provide a wide spectrum of reaction to genital mutilation, in particular from it’s victims.    

If you find any broken links please comment to let me know.  

Be Sure to Come Back Upcoming Invaluable intactivist education video series coming soon! ⇩

  • Answer Most Questions

    Americans have largely been enculturated with unending myths and junk science if they are even aware of it at all. With this education you will be able to soundly respond to all the American myths you will come across in your intactivism.

  • Circumcision is Indefensible

    When you are educated on this subject there is literally no way to lose a debate. This is child abuse and we own the science, the history, and the truth. But we must self EDUCATE so all of us can stand firm and confident in our positions.

  • Develop the Confidence to Stand Up for What is RIght

    When you know more then the doctors, and by the end of this series you will, you will develop a strong confidence that will help you speak up and protect children every chance you get. We give you the knowledge you need.

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Much of the Information in the Upcoming Course Is Found Below

History: How It Started

FGM Tells The Same Lies


FGM VS MGM Article Brian D Earp, PhD Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics



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