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There are so many psycho mutilators out there, who should get your phone calls when you just have to let out your disgust with these sickos?

We realized that we needed a central place where intactivist can focus on the worst of the abusers of children.  

Let us know if you know of anyone who should be on this list.  

Please inform their social media, their employees working for them by phone and by email of your distaste for their child abusing ways.

Who deserves to be named N' shamed?

Why Medical Quacks of Course
Cutters and their Psycho Friends
Anyone who violates their oath of office and knife rapes and mutilates normal healthy children. In particular doctors who lie about the benefits of mutilation, fail to give proper informed consent, who manipulate parents into mutilating their children and doctors or nurses who cause forced retraction injuries.
Pseudo Parents
Child Abusing Parents
Reserved for especially egregious parents who function in a professional and/or public level. These are parents who say horrible things about mutilation, who refuse to see or ignore the facts on the damage of mutilating the sex organs of children.
Reporters with Shody Work
There is not excuse to not do your research.
Reporters are highly trained professionals who are taught how to do research. The more research you do on this subject the more horrific it gets. Reporters should be held to high professional standards.
Hypocrite Celebrities
Biggest hypocrite in human history: Oprah
How can you at once campaign against the horrific mutilation of one sex while at the same time selling products made from the tortured stolen cannibalized tissue of helpless baby boys for rich wrinkled woman to rub on their hideous faces? You can't make this up. But SHAME IT WE WILL!!!
Judges with bad Judgement
It's already illegal
Some of the horrific judgements have come to pass recently. In particular the Chase Hironimus case as well as the Michigan doctors who got away with mutilating little girls.
Spineless Politicians
It is time to demand our politicians take a stand
This is kryptonite for a politician. Intactivism is exploding in our culture as it must and can't not. It's too stupid, too egregious. Make the spineless politicians come out one way or the other. We have a right to know the position of our politicians.

We stand against child abusers of the worst kind:
cutters of helpless children

It’s far past Time for….

Targeted focused intactivism

You can no longer run or hide

We are your victims and we will no longer sit back while you harm innocent helpless children.

We Will No Longer Be Silent

We don't care what you think about us. We don't coddle to child abusers. We will expose you. We WILL SHAME YOU!

We Don't Forgive We Don't forget

Those of you who harm children, you have no more cover of ignorance. Society is changing. The taboo is being smashed. One day very soon we will validated!

This Page Under Construction

Completed Below

Medical Quacks

Dr. Edward Gong

Doug Dikama

Dr. P Nourparvar

Andrew Freedman

Mary Anny Whelan

Joseph Dickerman

Steven R. Sherwin, MD




Judge Jeffery Gillen

Judge Mara

Catherine S. Eaton

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Hospitals and Organizations

American Academy of Pedocutrics



Oprah Winfrey

Sandra Bullock

Kate Beckinsale

Mayim Bialik



 Nicholas Bakalar

Circumcision and Sexual Function: Bad Science Reporting Misleads Parents


Scientists and researchers

Jennifer Bossio

Ronald Gray

Arleen Leibowitz

David R. Tomlinson




American Type Culture Collection (ATCC Inc.),

From their 126,000 square foot facility with over 200 freezers, they process and sell 1 milliliter of frozen neonatal fibroblasts for $440 each.

Baby foreskin is available in various ethnicities that is “batch specific” according to ATCC. Source:

Georgia Louise Facials



Advanced Tissue Sciences


BioSurface Technology


Ortec International

Coriell Institute

Spineless politicians

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what we do in life… echoes in eternity

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Name n’ Shame

FocusED Intension NAME N’ SHAME There are so many psycho mutilators out there, who should get your phone calls when you just have to let

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  1. I could be of help by recommending ideas for your plans, and names for ‘Name n’shame.’ I am missing intactivism because Facebook banned me completely

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