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Dennis Nebus

Dennis Nebus Uses Mutilation of Son to Punish Intactivist Mother

“Dennis Nebus is the biological father of C.R.N.H., a minor in Florida. Nebus and Heather Hironimus, C.R.N.H.’s mother, engaged in a long drawn legal battle over the circumcision of C.R.N.H.

In the initial parental agreement, signed when C.R.N.H. was just over 1 year of age, Nebus was supposed to schedule and pay for the surgery in a timely manner. However, Nebus did not move to schedule the procedure until two years later. At that time. Hironimus had changed her mind over the risks of general anesthesia and the lack of medical necessity.

Initially Nebus claimed that C.R.N.H. had urinated on his leg, which he attributed to phimosis. A medical expert however declared that C.R.N.H. had no medical need for the circumcision. Nebus then claimed that circumcision was “the normal thing to do”.”


What REALLY happened?

Heather Hironimus signed the consent form unaware of what circumcision really is. Most people could never imagine that in modern America with our educated medical professionals could ever just violate and mutilate and sexually assault children for doubious reasons.  How could this young mother know the truth, until she found it out?

The important part here is proper informed consent to do an optional unnecessary surgery on a helpless child. Heather was not properly informed, in fact the question remains if any parent is properly informed in the USA as the doctors themselves are completely unaware of the structure and function of the elusive and difficult to research body part (slight bit of sarcasm).   


Circumcision Armageddon


“Hironimus, the woman told me, knew nothing about circumcision when she signed the parenting agreement and paid no attention to the clause’s inclusion. Over the next few years, she became a vehement intactivist and posted anti-circumcision articles on social media. According to my source, when Nebus learned of Hironimus’ position, he “vindictively began pursuing the circumcision,” even though Chase was already 3 years old.”


Intactivists Fight Hard to Protect Chase from State Sanctioned Sexual Mutilation and Sexual Assault of a CHILD By Court Order

Intact America Statement
“Dennis Nebus will find it frustratingly difficult to locate a physician willing to mutilate his son. Today, Intact America mailed 12,000 letters urging urologists and pediatric surgeons across the country to deny the father their services, given that the child’s mother is vehemently opposed to the surgery, and that the putative “consent” she signed in the courtroom was obtained under coercion.”



Florida Mom Fights Court Order to Circumcise Her 3-Year-Old Son

“….now that the boy is 3 and has not yet been circumcised, the mother objects, because, as court documents explain it, the procedure is “not medically necessary and she did not want to have the parties’ son undergo requisite general anesthesia for fear of death.”

However, Judge Jeffrey Gillen last week ordered that there’s no reason the parties shouldn’t abide by the parenting agreement and that the father can go ahead and schedule the procedure.

Heather Hironimus appealed to the community: “I am pleading with fellow intactivists, parents and all others to help me save my son, his foreskin, his rights and hopefully other children from allowing the ‘system’ to make these decisions”.

“Putting aside what they agreed to, if you’re going to enforce this contract, you have to look in what is the best interest of the child,” says Hironimus’ attorney, Taryn Sinatra. “The best interest of the child should always trump” any such agreement, she said.

Sinatra says that a pediatric urologist testified at a hearing and was asked what he would do in such a situation, and the urologist said he would not circumcise the boy at this age.

However, the judge’s order claims the urologist also testified that “penile cancer occurs only in uncircumcised males ” — which is untrue — and “uncircumcised males have a higher risk of HIV infection than circumcised males,” which is debatable.”


Florida Freedom Keepers


“Hironimus and her four-year-old-son’s father, Dennis Nebus, have been warring for years over whether to have the boy’s foreskin removed. She initially agreed in a parenting agreement filed in court, then changed her mind, giving way to a long legal fight. Circuit and appellate judges have sided with the father.

Brought before Judge Jeffrey Gillen on Friday, Hironimus again declined to sign a consent form for the surgery, and she was advised she would remain jailed indefinitely. After the hearing recessed and she reconsidered, she reluctantly agreed to sign, sobbing as she put pen to paper.”

“I will allow her to avoid incarceration or get out of jail if she signs the consent to the procedure,” Gillen told attorney Thomas Hunker

“Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America, which advocates against circumcision, said the images of a distraught Heather Hironimus signing the form to allow the surgery show how she was “bullied” into it and that she doesn’t truly give her consent.

If anyone finds out the circumstances under which she signed, a doctor would be insane to carry out that surgery,” she said.”

Where there is risk, there must be a choice.”


The Court of Public Opinion Speaks Against the Circumcision of 4 and 1/2 Year Old in Florida

“With her legal options dwindling, Hironimus went missing in February, and ignored a judge’s order that she appear in court and give her consent for the surgery to be performed. A warrant was issued, but she wasn’t located until May 14 at a Broward County shelter where she was staying with her son.”

“Brought before Judge Jeffrey Gillen on Friday, Hironimus again declined to sign a consent form for the surgery, and she was advised she would remain jailed indefinitely. After the hearing recessed and she reconsidered, she reluctantly agreed to sign, sobbing as she put pen to paper.”


Jailing Heather Hironimus “Shames the United States of America in the Eyes of the World”

“Jailing Heather Hironimus in Florida marks watershed in America’s relationship with circumcision”

“Legal and ethical consent is more than just a mark on a piece of paper. A scrawled signature is worth nothing if it does not represent freely volunteered, informed agreement. Consent offered under duress of coercion, fear or force has no meaning, no value.

The piece of paper signed by Florida mother Heather Hironimus is not a document of consent but a testament to a dysfunctional legal system that has become detached from fundamental principles of justice and human rights and which shames the United States of America in the eyes of the world.

The courtroom photos record Hironimus at the time of the signature, bound in handcuffs, sobbing uncontrollably, throwing her head back with hands clenched in a prayer for support or forgiveness. When she took the pen from her lawyer, it was subsequent to nine days held in jail with clear conditions from the presiding judge that she would be imprisoned indefinitely until she offered that signature.

It may well be that in years to come society will look back on this habit of our era as a peculiar, if not downright barbaric anomaly.”

When that time comes, the lasting, iconic image might not be of a bleeding baby or a surgeon’s scalpel, but the brutalised, tear-stained face of a heartbroken, handcuffed mother.”


America this YOUR SHAME!

Morally and legally challenged judge violates sanctity of Mother and Child in favor of bully mutilation father who cares nothing about his son but rather uses his sex organs to get back at his Mother.

Chase Hironimus, himself has expressed his own desire to not have adults fighting over the right in a parental agreement to take a knife and cut off the primary sensory and mechanically functioning part of his genitals.  This is insane.

We have sanctioned bullying and personal revenge by proxy, using a child’s sex organs by incompetent Judge and psycho roach like father and all this by a legal court?

– Anonymous Internet Post 

Charges Dropped Against Boynton Mom Who Fought Son’s Circumcision–law/charges-dropped-against-



“Prosecutors dropped criminal charges against 32-year-old Heather Hironimus weeks ago after she completed an 18-month program to keep the state from pursuing the case that could have landed her in prison for up to five years.”


This Momma Bear was treated like a criminal for trying to protect her son from torture and knife rape. 

Unbelievably, the Judge forces the mother to sign a consent form which itself makes no sense.  

You cannot sign a consent form under duress or it wasn’t consent.  Consent means acceptance and allowance by choice, not force.  

If this isn’t a sign of how BARBARIC and IDIOTIC sexual mutilation of children really is, I don’t know what will snap people out of the zombification of their most basic ethical instincts.  

We bargain for surgeries on children’s sex organs on parental agreements as if that is legally binding reason to do an optional cosmetic surgery on a child’s genitals. 


Land of the FREE?  Home of the BRAVE?

Naw….Land of the COWARD!  Home of the Crippled Dick Bullies of Mother and Child, Violators of the Sex Organs of Children, Self Lying Hypocrite Idiots with Half Skinned Sex Organs!




History of Violence

Brother K

*** BREAKING NEWS *** DENNIS NEBUS POINTS GUN AT STRANGER IN FRONT OF HEATHER HIRONIMUS’ FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON *** CIRCUMCISION-OBSESSED DAD IN ROAD RAGE INCIDENT. A Florida sheriff’s report reveals the incident happened with Heather Hironimus’ four-year-old son in the back seat of Nebus’ car, a black Honda. Nebus yelled and cursed at the driver in front of him at a red light. When the man got out of his car to confront him, Nebus pulled a gun on the man. The sheriff found the .32 caliber pistol in Nebus’ pocket and confiscated it. After a seven-month investigation, no criminal charges were filed. Nebus’ criminal defense attorney has filed a motion to force the sheriff to return Nebus’ $700 pistol. The incident happened on Sunday, February 15, 2015.
Reference: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Offense Report, Case No. 15038706

Dennis Nebus
Youtube channel

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