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Mutilators Accountability Project

Men Deserve to Know the Circumstances of OUR Mutilation!

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Where parents offered alternative information that they denied? 

Did the parents, actually, ‘do their research’? 

Did they say horrible things such as body shaming children’s natural bodies or justifying sexually assaulting their infant child so their child fits in with their culturally taught sexual fetishes? 

Are they saying things about this that they would NEVER say about any other issue, maybe bouncing around from excuse to excuse in the game of ‘Cutter Bingo’?  

Time is NOW to expose the American Hypocrisy of Genital Mutilation of our Children!

What Are Parents Responsibilities to Their Children?

Parents do not own their children.  They cannot just do whatever they want to them. 

Parents have responsibilities to their children.  One of the most fundamental responsibilities is to ensure their child grows into adulthood with all their human rights respected and all their normal body parts intact. 

Parents don’t have a right to cut off their child’s pinky fingers if they don’t like pinky finger or ear lobes if they don’t like ear lobes.  Children grow into adults with their own opinions about their own bodies and it is societies’ collective responsibilities and in fact, all adult human’s duty to protect children from harmful cultural practices, regardless of how ingrained they are.  

It is sad that this even needs to be said.  This should be painfully obvious and downright instinctual to any sufficiently intelligent and morally ethical human adult worth their carbon.  Sadly, this is more often more obvious to five year old’s.  Show a 5 year old a child being genitally mutilated and you will find out how YOU should act when you see a child being genitally mutilated. 

Culture is Rapidly Changing

In 20 years American Medicalized Child Genital Mutilation (AM-CGM) will have dropped dramatically if not made completely illegal.

Men are realizing that immature potty stage shaming of our natural bodies is childish, ignorant and stupid and a criminal reason to take knives to a child’s genitals.  We are discovering that the medical excuses are trivial host hoc excuses.

Mutilated men are realizing we have been sexually and psychologically damaged for life.  

Many of us mutilated men are now confronting our parents and demanding that they explain WHY they did this to us!

What if we knew the background and the circumstances? 

What if we knew activists tried their hardest to protect us as children but our own parents were so invested in their own egos, that they refused to listen?

This might affect how a man feels towards his parents who had so little concern for his most fundamental human rights. 

This is NLI’s Declaration of our Rights to Advocate For and to Collect Public Information For the Men These Children Become!


As Activists We Collect this Information for Long Term Storage to Be Shared In the Future with the Victims in the Future as Adults

  • For Our Own Rights as Victims
  • For the Rights of the Child
  • For the Rights of the Adult that Child Becomes

The Mutilators Accountability Project is a long term collection and storage project to share the things cutters say about their children today with the man in 18 years when he is an adult with his own opinion about his own body parts.

One Day Humanity Will Look Back In Abhorrence that Genital Cutting Ever Occurred like slavery and genocide and other human created atrocities!


The Mutilators Accountability Project Serves 3 Purposes

  1. Leverage We Wouldn’t Otherwise Have
  2. Men Deserve the Truth
  3. Intellectuals will One Day Study AM-CGM
Leverage We Wouldn’t Otherwise Have

Would parents communicate differently if they knew there was a legitimate, multiple backed-up, long term system designed to share their written public thoughts with their adult children?  What if they knew it will become part of a future psychological or sociological study?

What if they are told that culture is changing and their children will be exposed to knowledge they themselves do not know?

Could knowing that your arrogant words might be shared with the child you are planning on cutting make you do a little bit of research you wouldn’t otherwise?  It would me and I think lots of you.  It will some. That’s a guarantee.  Please, use this powerful tool.  

Remember, we are planting seeds.  That seed could sprout next week and save a child.

The Mutilators Accountability Project gives us leverage to save babies TODAY! 

After my initial efforts were rebuffed, I used this same technique to save a child in my own family!

I straight up told my cousin not only would our relationship be done, I would share with my cousin’s son all the facts about his anatomy along with the knowledge that I did everything I could to protect him.  I will tell him his parents were given the FACTS but their own egos were more important than his basic rights!

That promise is why my nephew is intact TODAY!

Update >>>>His brother is on the way!

That’s called joy my friends as they will know why I protected them first hand!  My time is yet to come as these boys will know the truth of their own anatomy.  My family will ‘get it’ through these men whether or not they ‘get it’ today. 

Men Deserve the Truth

As this is harm done to our bodies it is a violation of our most fundamental rights.  We have a right to know if our parents had an opportunity to know the truth. 

Did they deny it for their own selfish reasons?

Did Mom have you cut because she thinks giving oral sex to a whole man is disgusting?

Why is she so concerned about this part of your sexuality, that she chooses to give you an optional painful unnecessary surgery that 80% of the worlds men don’t suffer?

Did Dad have you cut to deny his own damaged sex organ and so he doesn’t have to feel like he’s missing anything?

Did Intactivist try their hardest to protect you, but your parents made themselves more important then you?

Men have a right to know. 

Parents will one day find out who owns OUR PENISES!

Intellectuals will One Day Study AM-CGM

How could something so hideous, so egregious, so disgusting we must not even talk about it lest one invoke the shame and hate of everyone around us continue into our ‘modern’ times? 

This makes hypocrites of everything we claim to be as Americans. 

Do we have freedom?

Do we have basic human rights?

Do we hurt our children to protect our own egos?

Do we sexually assault children for bogus medical reasons?

Well if you asked nearly any American today they would say no to all those questions but in fact, they are all true!

How could genital cutting of children even be a part of humanity? This goes against our very humanity if we still deserve to use that word in such a manner.  

How could it be perpetuated into a modern society with so much access to information?

How do such harmful cultural practices start?

How do they perpetuate?

How do we END harmful cultural practices that harm children forever?

One day these questions will be studies by psychologists, sociologists, cultural anthropologists and others.  Our database of cutter statements will be shared with these intellectuals so they can answer these tough questions.

We will expose the truth as the truth being hidden is the only ways it’s still being done today. 

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What to Upload

Screen shots of statements of cutter parents.

Screen shots of inactivists educating the parents on certain myths they may believe.

We need the name of the Parent and any other information you can gather to help finding their child easier when he is an adult. 

Screen shot their ‘About Me’ information.  Often you will find location, family members and even places they have visited. 

We need the name of the child or their siblings if you can find it although there is a good chance we will be able to find the child from the parents name.  Just remember Facebook’s name search function sucks so the more information the better.  

Find the child’s name by scrolling down their time line.  You can click on photo albums and see if there are comments.

Often a friend or relative will say the child’s name or a siblings name on a Photo


This is a long term project. 

Privacy is respected.  This will not be shared with anyone besides within a small group of hard core dedicated intactivists who all are each fully committed to realizing the goals of this project by themselves if needed.  Each takes individual responsibility to realize our goals as a fully autonomous unit. We have a system for collection, uploading and sharing between the group for purpose of backing up the database so if one of us loses it, even two or three of us lose it, it is NEVER lost!

No children will be contacted by this project, only adults.  If shared any statements are shared in any way, for instance in my Things Cutters Say folder in the Meme Library, names and faces will be removed and privacy protected.  No child will ever be exposed, as protection and justice for the victim is our goals.

The only time this will be shared with anyone besides the grown adult victims, is for academic study of high credential.

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Longer Text:

Welcome to the Mutilators Accountability Project.  We are a group of highly motivated, dedicated and educated human rights activists who believe all children should be protected from unnecessary genital cutting.

We believe your child should have a right to know your opinions and statements about this when he is an adult.  He should know that people tried to protect him from you and that you insisted on harming him and sexually assaulting him for dubious reasons.

We realize that our culture is rapidly changing and the impetus to cut children is dropping all over the country.  Parents are waking up this barbaric medical scam and protecting their children.  There is literally no excuse or justification anyone could make to justify this. 

In 18 or so years when you child is grown culture will likely have dramatically shifted.  His opinions of his own body will likely be more educated and informed then we were in our time.  The internet is creating access to information that was previously unavailable. 

No doubt he will have formed his own mind about his body in a very different cultural context then we were born into.

By then the American myths such as it being cleaner or medically beneficial and even EWWWWWY or considered aesthetically pleasing will seen as silly and ignorant.  

Your son will likely be very upset that, unlike many boys around him, he is missing the primary sensory and mechanically functioning part of his genitals that makes sex so amazing for him and his partner.  Woman of his generation will seek out intact men who can please them in ways mutilated men cannot as our bodies are designed to perfectly work together.

He might want to know what kind of weird psychosis led you to torture and mutilate him for 19th Century Quack Medicine, and if you had the opportunity to learn about how harmful this really is.  

We have already taken screen shots of your sad statements.  These images are now being uploaded into a central database for storage and shared between 5 of us on 5 different computers as well as in the cloud.  If one of our computers fail, this will continue.  If one of us fall out of the program, this will continue.  If one of us die, this will continue.  Don’t doubt our resolve.  

We will incubate these images for the next 18 or so years, at which time we will seek out your adult son and share with him the lack of his basic human rights you showed, your lack of compassion to protect him from pain and harm, and your lack of common sense when it comes to ripping off parts of his body.

Your son deserves the truth of your opinions, your biases and your refusal to protect him.

Welcome to the Mutilators Tacking Project!

The Choice is yours! Please RESPECT your son’s rights. Please educate yourself on the facts of this issue, and PROECT YOUR SON by NOT CUTTING him for no real reason!

We will welcome you into our community with open arms!  

Many of us previously believed, as you do, but when we learned the truth we had to accept how wrong we were! 

This can be very hard to do and it takes a strong person to take a step back and question long held beliefs.  

If you can let your ego soften, we will respect you so much if you think about this critically and ethically.

We know this can be very hard to come to terms with.  No man wants to admit a detriment about this part of their body.  No wife wants to accept her husband as damaged. No mother wants to admit she was lied to and maybe even harmed one of her own children because she believed the doctors.

However, if we can’t pursuede you ou must recognize that you not only risk not only your son’s life (yes babies DIE from this), a potential botch surgery (far more common then they admit), forcing him through extreme unnecessary pain while damaging his sex organ for life while at the same time damaging your future relationship with him for what?

Not cutting is the easy choice.  Its far easier to clean his intact penis over a bleeding wound in urine and feces soaked diapers.  Wash the outside with soap and watter dab his urethral opening with a cloth.  It’s so easy.


Don’t worry it is not necessary to put your son through this torture damaging surgery.  Your son will learn to clean himself just like the 80% of the world’s men with all their genitals and 99.9999% his ancestors going back since the beginning of humanity.

Love your whole baby! He can always choose to cut himself in the future which of course 99% of men never do, but he can never replace what you destroy if you cut him before he could even form his own opinions. 

We hope you make the right decision so when we contact him with this in 18 years he can inform us that you protected him and raised all of him!

Shorter Text:

Help us save babies ↓

what we do in life… echoes in eternity

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