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Intactivist Protests have NEVER gotten SO many articles printed since NLI started running our Media Database Outreach Program!

In only five days we helped get five articles of the Bloodstained men tour PUBLISHED leading up to the AAP convention in 2018! 

In fall of 2019 we helped get another 15 articles published helping the Bloodstained Men get more articles on this tour then any tour in their HISTORY!

One online article had over 13,000 views.  I wish they all counted. 

While WKRG of Mobile Alabama reporter’s video was most ridiculously censored by the reporter, apparently red dye stained crotches is too outrageous for Mobilians while strapping down screaming children and ripping chunks off their sex organs is hunky-dory.

REGUARDLESS>>>>> the article comment section was FULL of intactivists OWNING the debate and was seen by over 59,000 people!

This on a day BSM was DENIED their constitutional right to protest!

It is clear that the protest is only a small part of the activism and Media Outreach is the MOST IMPOTANT PART OF A PROTEST!

We got FAR more VALUE being denied a protest then if we had the protest without the badly done reporting job! 

We MUST have an efficient and effective Media Outreach.  This is the number one most important action we could take at NLI and why this was our first and most important project.


THIS is how you increase your influence!

We can do so much MORE with YOUR HELP!

Volunteer today and HELP us END this VICIOUS cycle of Child sexual abuse by American QUACK doctors!


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