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Medical Reasons Debunked:

HIV Epidemiology

WHO Efforts To Reduce HIV Transmission Having Opposite Effect, Woman Twice As Likely To Get HIV With Circumcised Partner

If WHO efforts have had an impact on HIV transmission, it may have been to actually increase transmission rates. Circumcised men may actually be less likely to wear condoms, motivated both by the fear of further loss of sensation and by the belief that they are impervious to STIs. “If people are led to believe that circumcision is actually ‘protective’ in the sense of conferring full immunity, this could be seriously counterproductive, resulting in behavioral disinhibition in circumcised men and their abandonment of other preventive methods,” wrote University of Cape Town professor J. Myers in a 2007 South African Medical Journal article.

Perhaps because of this, Myers wrote, Ugandan women with circumcised partners appear twice as likely to contract HIV as women partnered with uncircumcised men, and 90 percent of new HIV cases appearing in South African 15- to 24-year-olds are occurring in women.

10 out of 18 African Countries With Data Show HIV Higher Among The Circumcised

Cameroon table 16.9, p17 (4.1% v 1.1%)

Ghana table 13.9 (1.6% v 1.4%)

Lesotho table 12.9 (22.8% v 15.2%)

Malawi table 12.6, p257 (13.2% v 9.5%)

Rwanda , table 15.11 (3.5% v 2.1%)

Swaziland table 14.10 (21.8% v 19.5%)

According to USAID, “There appears no clear pattern of association between male circumcision and HIV prevalence—in 10 of 18 countries with data, HIV prevalence is lower among circumcised men, while in the remaining 10 countries it is higher.”

“Conclusions: We find a protective effect of circumcision in only one of the eight countries for which there are nationally-representative HIV seroprevalence data. The results are important in considering the development of circumcision-focused interventions within AIDS prevention programs.”

“Results: …No consistent relationship between male circumcision and HIV risk was observed in most countries.”

70% of Malaysian People With HIV Are Muslim And Circumcised

According to Malaysian AIDS Council vice-president Datuk Zaman Khan, more than 70% of the 87,710 HIV/AIDS sufferers in the country are Muslims. In Malaysia the majority of the males in the Muslim population are circumcised, whereas circumcision is uncommon in the non-Muslim community. This means that HIV is spreading in the community where most men are circumcised at an even faster rate, than in the community where most men are intact.

Malawi: Circumcision Disaster – Malawi HIV Infection Rate Doubles

Following up the reports that Malawi released on 25 July that circumcision does not help in the reduction of HIV but exacerbates it, reports have emerged that have agreed with the facts that we had earlier established.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), one of the world’s renowned NGOs working on public health, has released statistics showing that HIV infection rate in Malawi has doubled in recent years despite a range of interventions put in place to tackle the spread of the virus that have included relentless campaign on condomisation and circumcision.

HIV Rates Exploding In Circumcised Philippines

In the 2010 Global AIDS report released by UNAIDS in late November, the Philippines was one of seven nations in the world which reported over 25 percent in new HIV infections between 2001 and 2009, whereas other countries have either stabilized or shown significant declines in the rate of new infections. Among all countries in Asia, only the Philippines and Bangladesh are reporting increases in HIV cases, with others either stable or decreasing.

Philippines Has Highest HIV Growth Rate In Asia-Pacific

Despite Circumcision Being Near-Universal, It Hasn’t Stopped HIV Transmission In Israel

HIV In Circumcised USA Rampant

And circumcision advocates will conveniently forget to talk about the fact that circumcision hasn’t stopped HIV in our own country.

USA High In Other STIs As Well

Sexual Health In Circumcised America Far Worse Then Intact Europe

In America, the majority of the male population is circumcised, approximately 80%, while in most countries in Europe, circumcision is uncommon. Despite these facts, our country has far worse sexual health than Europeans.

US Has A Higher Rate Of STIs Than Europe

Meta Analysis From 109 Populations Show No Increased HIV In Intact Men

“Billions of dollars to circumcise millions of African males as an HIV infection prevention have been sought, yet the effectiveness of circumcision has not been demonstrated. Data from 109 populations comparing HIV prevalence and incidence in men based on circumcision status were evaluated using meta-regression. The impact on the association between circumcision and HIV incidence/prevalence of the HIV risk profile of the population, the circumcision rates within the population and whether the population was in Africa were assessed.

No significant difference in the risk of HIV infection based on the circumcision status was seen in general populations. Studies of high-risk populations and populations with a higher prevalence of male circumcision reported significantly greater odds ratios (odds of intact man having HIV) (p < .0001). When adjusted for the impact of a high-risk population and the circumcision rate of the population, the baseline odds ratio was 0.78 (95% CI = 0.56-1.09). No consistent association between presence of HIV infection and circumcision status of adult males in general populations was found. When adjusted for other factors, having a foreskin was not a significant risk factor. This undermines the justification for using circumcision as a primary preventive for HIV infection.”


Circumcised Children In The Republic Of Mozambique Are More Likely To Be HIV Infected Than Their Intact Peers


Circumcision And HIV Infection: Review Of The Literature And Meta-Analysis

Van Howe RS. Int J STD AIDS. 1999.
Thirty-five articles and a number of abstracts have been published in the medical literature looking at the relationship between male circumcision and HIV infection. Study designs have included geographical analysis, studies of high-risk patients, partner studies and random population surveys. Most of the studies have been conducted in Africa. A meta-analysis was performed on the 29 published articles where data were available. When the raw data are combined, a man with a circumcised penis is at greater risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV than a man with a non-circumcised penis (odds ratio (OR)=1.06, 95% confidence interval (CI)=1.01-1.12). Based on the studies published to date, recommending routine circumcision as a prophylactic measure to prevent HIV infection in Africa, or elsewhere, is scientifically unfounded.

Ridiculous Fear Mongering Epidemiological Claims By John Hopkins

In August 2012 headlines across the country read: “Researchers (Johns Hopkins) say that if circumcision rates drop to the level seen in Europe there will be a 12% increase in HIV cases in men.” Oh, no! There must be an AIDS epidemic in Europe then.

Compare the HIV statistics between the US and Europe today. The US circumcision rate was about 80% in the 1970s and 80s; Europe’s rate was less than 10%. So the US should have a much lower HIV infection rate today since our sexually active population has been “vaccinated” with a high circumcision rate.

According to the CIA (they have statistics on everything), the estimated percentage of adults living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 is shown in the graph. [1]

So you can see why Johns Hopkins went to Africa to get their statistics. Their very limited studies claim that circumcision reduces the HIV infection rate by 60%. Through most of Europe where competent healthcare is widely available and hygiene is emphasized, the HIV infection rate is 33 – 600% lower than ours. So how did Johns Hopkins calculate that HIV rates in the US would increase by 12%? Perhaps they need to refine their data models some more.

Another interesting statistic is the comparative death rate per 100,000 people. This ultra-cool website has an interactive world map. Again, with the exception of Portugal, the US ranks much higher than European countries. In fact, the AIDS death rate is 34 times higher in the US than in Finland (where’s that headline?).

The medical industry in the US is clearly showing us where its priorities are. Circumcisions are very profitable and so we continue to find reasons to continue the “cure in search of a disease.”


It is CLEAR Epidemiological Data across the world shows there is Absolutely NO Medical Reduction in HIV Due to Sexually Crippling Our MEN!

Circumcision is PURE QUACKERY And Will ONLY Serve To Increase HIV!

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