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Gay Foreskin Pride

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2 thoughts on “MEME LIBRARY Gay Foreskin Pride”

  1. Thanks so much for creating this category! My Fiancé and I work together to promote the foreskin and it is important that people realize the foreskin is wonderful and amazing and fantastic for gay couples gay sex also. I am extremely lucky that I did not get circumcised even though I was born in the United States. Sandro, my fiancé, is from Peru. Together we want to promote the foreskin and make circumcision a thing of the past forever.


      Thank you so much for your awesome images!

      I first met you two when I saw a YouTube video.

      What you are doing is incredibly important.

      Gay men have unique experiences when it comes to mutilated genitals.

      People need to listen to the very important message from the LGBTQ+ community.

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