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Joel Edwards

When I say that the foreskin is the most sensitive erogenous tissue in the human body, I am not merely reiterating something I’ve read, as an intact man I’ve actually experienced this sensitivity. It is heartbreaking to me that anyone would take that away from anyone else, regardless of their country of origin, regardless of whether or not they are male or female. What’s even worse to me is the way it’s done, primarily for money, perpetuated by ignorance the injury is inflicted over and over again. In a torturous and cruel manner the infant, has the most sensitive part of him ripped away from him. I’m called crazy for condemning it. I can only imagine what it must feel like on your first few hours here on this Earth outside of the womb.

Robbert Plink

I am intact and to be quite honest I find a bit of lube more comfortable for masturbation. Just a bit of spit from time to time does the job. The stroke I use is the fist all the way around the foreskin from the tip and then simply pull it back and forth as far as the frenulum will let me go. If I come close to orgasm I can delay it by simply grabbing it a bit tighter and slowing down then when I don’t want to hold it any longer, loosen up a bit and speed up until the orgasm has passed. The first warning I get of cuming is a tightening in the pit of my stomach and the whole penis getting more sensitive that feeling makes you greedy for more so you begin to move faster after that it reaches right past the base of my neck and right into the insteps of my feet and up the calf’s. I have had a look at circumcised men masturbating and what you say is exactly what what I noticed as well. This tiny little jerking movement that does not even touch the glans. what surprises me though is that they still argue that the glans are the most sensitive part of a penis. I suppose it is if the first most sensitive part has been amputated.

CAN-FAP Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project

Penile frenulum orgasm (“fremgasm”)

On the previous page, we learned the basics about the anatomy and function of the penile frenulum (“frem”). Now I will demonstrate why some refer to the frem as the “male clitoris” by showing you how a man can acheive orgasm by lightly stimulating his frem with his fingertip.

In this 45-second video, I achieving orgasm by using my right index fingertip to lightly stimulate my penile frenulum (“frem”) at the visible ridge near the glans. My left hand stabilizes my penis by lightly gripping the base of the shaft.


Fremgasm 2: Penile frenulum at the muco-cutaneous junction

On the previous page, I demonstrated how a man can orgasm by lightly stimulating his penile frenulum (“frem”) with his fingertip. I will now demonstrate another frem orgasm, one that involves another highly-enervated structure of the intact penis: the muco-cutaneous junction at the tip of the foreskin. But before I can explain what the muco-cutaneous junction is, I must explain the difference between the inner and outer foreskin.

The inner and outer foreskin

The outer foreskin — the area visible when the foreskin is in its most forward position, covering the head of the penis — is covered by essentially the same skin that covers the rest of your body, and is relatively insensitive because your skin needs layers of armor to protect itself from the elements. The inside of the foreskin, as well as the head (glans) of the penis, is not covered by skin. It is covered by mucosa (also known as “mucous membrane”). Since the mucosa of the inner foreskin is an internal surface, protected from continuous exposure to the elements by the outer foreskin, it has many more nerves and it substanitally more sensitive.

The transitional zone at the tip of the foreskin — where the mucosa of the inner foreskin transitions into the skin of the outer foreskin — is a muco-cutaneous junction.

Muco-cutaneous junctions are among the most sensitive areas of the body, because they are packed with fine-touch nerves. There are several muco-cutaneous junctions on the human body: for example, the eyelid has a muco-cutaneous junction where the mucosa of the inner eyelid transitions to the skin of the outer eyelid. When you very lightly brush your fingertip along the ends of your eyelashes, you feel a strong tingling sensation because vibrations are travelling down your eyelashes and stimulating the fine-touch nerve endings in the muco-cutaneous junction of your eyelids.

Your face has another sensitive muco-cutaneous junction at the edge of the lips, where the mucosa of the lip meets the skin of your face. Most people will find that they feel a tingle when they very lightly run their fingertip along the outer edge of their lips, especially at the corners of the mouth.

Below the belt, there are other very sensitive (and highly erogenous) muco-cutaneous junctions around the anus and inner labia. Lightly touch these areas and you will be rewarded with very enjoyable sensations… again the product of the high concentration of fine-touch nerve endings in these transitional zones.

Which brings us back to the muco-cutaneous junction at the tip of the foreskin, the transitional zone where the mucosa of the inner foreskin becomes the skin of the outer foreskin. The entire circumference of this junction is very sensitive, but even more so where it intersects with the very sensitive penile frenulum (“frem”).


Fremgasm 3: Lengthwise stroke

On the previous two pages, I demonstrated how a man can orgasm by lightly stimulating two locations on his penile frenulum (“frem”) with his fingertip. I will now demonstrate that the entire frenulum is very sensitive and orgasmic by stimulating most of its length.

In this 60-second clip I acheieve orgasm by lightly stroking most of the length of my frenulum — from just below the glans to the muco-cutaneous junction — with my right index fingertip. The topmost part of the frem, which runs up the cleft of the glans to the meatus, is not stimulated because I want to demonstrate that this orgasm does not involve glans stimulation. My left hand grips my penis at the base to provide stability and keep my foreskin fully retracted.

Multiple Ridged Band Orgasm

The ridged band (the ring of highly enervated ridges next to the muco-cutaneous junction on the inside of the tip of the foreskin) is not only capable of orgasm — in my case it is capable of multiple orgasm.

In this three-minute video I acheieve five orgasms (each with an ejaculation) over a period of less than two minutes, by stimulating my ridged band (which is pulled back and exposed on the shaft of my penis) with the thumb and index finger of my right hand. I do not touch my glans penis.

This, my friends, is the elusive male multiple orgasm — and the only way I can experience a multiple orgasm is by stimulating my ridged band. Men circumcised as children in the standard North American/Jewish style can never experience a ridged band orgasm or ridged band multiple orgasm, because the ridged band is fully amputated by the circumciser and can not be restored.

Thank you for viewing my sample ridged band multiple orgasm video. Its purpose is to demonstrate to any reasonable person that the ridged band is the most sensitive and orgasmic part of the penis. My ridged band/O-ring makes major contributions to my sexual function, sexual sensation and orgasms, and the thought of a knife slicing it off makes my blood run cold. Circumcision of the foreskin, which always completely amputates the ridged band, is brutality, the theft of body parts, and the theft of a full sexual experience. If parents were properly educated about the anatomy, function and pleasure potential of the foreskin and its ridged band, they would not have their sons circumcised.


David Branch

Sara Mendez I think April might well have used quotation marks on “extra,” as it is a typical thing cutters say.
As an old intact man, I can only say having it cut off would have been like living your life in a home with no roof. There is a subtle peace of mind inside, and the protection takes the edge off all stressful things.

Intact Men In a Penis Cutting Culture


Michael Winnel Full Interview


An intact UK man

As someone who has foreskin I can honestly say that I would rather lose my hand than get circumcised, my sex life is too important to me.
Adam Nolan, United Kingdom signing the peititon to End the Practice of Risky, Unnecessary Surgery on Non-Consenting Babies”, January 7, 2010

An intact man, 1997

When I get hard, the feeling of the head expanding and moving inside the foreskin, stimulating the inner foreskin nerves, is fantastic. The feeling of the head trying to open the foreskin opening is a very exaggerated and erotic tickle. After erection, pulling the skin back half-way results in a searing tickle, and pulling it back all the way and laying it back along the shaft for the first time is almost blinding. The feeling of my skin being pushed back and forth during intercourse, stretching back over the corona, then being pulled forward, is exquisite. The tip of my skin moving over the head feels like a rubber band rolling over the head. I can ejaculate just by stretching the foreskin back tightly for about ten minutes and letting the frenulum build up its sensation and feeling that wonderful burning tingle that leads to firing off.

After my workout at the gym I see cut guys walking up to a hot shower with the water on the sharp setting. If I were to pull my skin back and do that, I would double over from the sensation. If I skin it back under a hot shower it feels like I’m being scalded. We uncut guys know what we have. The unamputated nerve endings of the foreskin and frenulum, and the undiminished nerves of the glans, make the penis during sex the centre of the universe. Cut guys know that when they see a video of an uncut guy: the head expands and turns red and purple and the foreskin locks behind the head and turns crimson from blood flow, putting the ultimate stretch on the frenulum. That guy is experiencing feelings that the cut guy can never imagine.

My friend was clipped last summer because his girlfriend refused to do him orally. Now he says he has lost 75 percent of the feeling. He says his best part is still the part of the inside-out foreskin, about an inch below the head. He’s really sorry he didn’t discuss keeping the frenulum and highly erotogenic ridged band.

Jim Two88, “I know you don’t feel what I feel”, posted on Usenet newsgroups by, December 1997


I was born of European descent and my parents were horrified at the idea of infant circumcision which was common in Australia in the 1950’/60’s. I was left intact, and am now 58, and feel so gratetful for my European ancestry. We lived in a community with a large European immigrant population and circumcised penises were very rare, so foreskins always seemed normal, despite living in a circumcision culture.

As a child you don’t notice anything really, its just normal. I never pulled my foreskin back, there seemed no need or desire to do so, and during childhood virtually none of my friends or family members did either. The odd show off would play peek a boo, by rolling his foreskin back and forth, but this was a small minority. I never had any hygiene or genitourinary problems, nor any intact male i knew of, though I bet if a Pro-circ medical fanatic had of medically examined me, they probably would have incorrectly claimed I had phimosis and recommended a circumcision. At age 13 the urge to retract came upon me, it happened easily and the pleasure was intense, and I then began discovering the joys of my own sexuality, and the foreskin was a major facilitator of my pleasure.

When not sexually aroused and the penis is flaccid, the foreskin covers the glans, a feeling you either are not consciously aware of or if you put your mind to it, it feels, subtle tingling, warm, and protected. When aroused and erect, the foreskin is the major physical pleasure source of the penis. Not only does it provide exquisite pleasure on its own, but provides a contrast of pleasures with the glans which feels different, and it also interacts with the glans, creating a cascade of different pleasure feelings.

Another myth is that when the foreskin is fully retracted its just like being circumcised, WHAT BULLSHIT!!, when fully retracted all of the major pleasure nerves are exposed in the underside of the foreskin, and the pleasure sensations are phenomenal, if you are circumcised, you wouldn’t feel the exposed pleasure nerves on the underside of the foreskin because they have been ablated.

The stretch receptors. Research has found that many of the nerves in the foreskin have the anatomy of stretch receptor nerves. So what is the personal experience like?

If I describe intercourse, when you place your penis at the opening of the vagina, the stretch receptors are activated, and as you push the foreskin stretches back, and the receptors fire away, in a sense they stop you pushing hard, because there would be sensory over-load, so you push gently and let the stretch receptors guide you.   The feeling is of pleasure, but if you push too hard or too fast the pleasure becomes too intense, and can feel like pain. This is probably the mechanism that stops intact men pounding their partner like a jack-hammer that many women with circumcised men complain of.

The foreskin also keeps the intact penis moist and protected, its like the glans stays young, my glans looks as young as when I was a teenager. Here’s a photo comparison

My experiences with women were that they all enjoyed the foreskin, some who had been with circumcised men, had commented how much they preferred the intact penis and would never circumcise their boys. Women seemed to enjoy performing oral sex on me, which is counter to the bullshit claims, intact men dont get oral sex. Just more procirc propaganda. Women have stated to me the Intact Penis is arousing and attractive in particular during stages of gradual foreskin retraction and glans exposure. That they love watching the foreskin glide back and forth over the Glans, It TURNS THEM ON!!!!!!!

Updated from here 14/07/18At age 58 my foreskin appears to have about 10x the sensitivity of the glans, and its gliding mechanism and interaction with the glans is probably the most physically pleasurable feeling I experience now. My current partner says having sex with an intact man, feels as though there is a pleasurable cushioning orgasmic effect, compared to the harshness of being with a circumcised man.

I’ve noticed that my libido has dropped away significantly in the last few years and my erections arent what they used to be. Last night while have sex with my wife, she was performing oral sex, which I was enjoying immensly, but after I while my erection started to fade which was strange given my enjoyment and pleasure, she persevered and even with a semi-flaccid non-erect penis, she got me to orgasm, by stimulating my frenulum with her tongue (the power of the inner foreskin)I. n fact there’s only one negative thing about having an intact penis, and thats that procirc fanatics say their is something wrong with an intact penis, but why would you ever believe or listen to anything a procirc fanatic ever had to say about an intact penis.

Here’s a Youtube video of how a natural penis works =

Here’s a statement by clinical sexologists on the male foreskin:

Dr. Ian Wilkinson

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