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NLI Education and Information for Intactivists

Ask Your Questions about the Science, Medicine, Anatomy, Structure and Function.
NLI Education and Information for Intactivists
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Anatomy Structure and Function

Discussions on the structure and function of the human genitals. Please keep this forum on topic and serious. Ask questions, post research, learn and share.

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Which essay writing ...


Medical Quackery and Lies

EVEN if the so called 'benefits' we are given were multiplied by 400% it STILL wouldn't justify cutting parts off the sex organs of helpless screaming children. All the so called medical excuses are weak, pathetic, post hoc, excuses to keep the cash cow going and the duping of American parents to continue. The truth is unraveling. There is no rational, reasonable medical excuse to preemptively mutilate a child's genitals to prevent some rare diseases that could be treated with far less invasive treatment.

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Psychological Damage of Child Genital Cutting

The worst part of the torture and mutilation of the genitals of children is likely the scar left on the mind. Harvard studies show Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE's are so damaging they make measurable changes in brain development and how our genes are expressed.

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ACE's or Adverse Chi...


History of Adults Holding Down and Cutting Up Children's Sex Organs

Just the fact that this ever happened exposes the fallacies of human's need to fit into social groups. This forum is about discussing the history of how this came to pass so we can make it part of the past.

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This is one of the b...



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