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You Mad? I am....Let Out Your Stress Here

No one has a right to cut parts off the sex organs of other people. This should go without saying. This is literally the most obvious truth in all of ethics. Yet, somehow we have to say this to the world. And they call us crazy. Let us know how you feel about being mutilated.

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How Did You First Fi...


Regret Mothers

Find support here. We welcome new regret mothers to our movement. Tell us the stories of the lies and cheap salesmen like tactics of the quacks some call doctors. We know you were lied to. We know it takes strength to be honest and admit such a mistake. Warning: Do NOT get on here and bash regret mothers, we don't need that, and you will be banned.

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How did You Discover...


Support for Victims of Child Genital Cutting

Do you want some support from aware, educated people who won't judge you or insult you with ridiculous culturally biased dismission of the real damage and pain this has caused in your life? Share your methods of coping, support other victims of genital cutting and get some needed support from those who understand. If you are a counsellor please help here.

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Men Who Need Support



Are you considering restoring? Men have claimed dramatic improvements in sensation and mechanical function. Give your partner the experience of how it is supposed to be. We support men restoring. Have questions about restoring? Need some support or advice on your journey. Let us know here.

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Success Stories - Share Motivating Stories About Children You Have Save from AM-CGC

This is why we do it. Brag about the babies you have saved! Come here from some good news when you need it. We are making a real difference in the world.

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Where can Students g...

usaha togel


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