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From now on ALL NLI campaign emails that go out to inform media from our Media Outreach Database will be posted here on our blog.  If you have recommendations or edits comment below to help our message be better.  We will let you know if the blog was part of our Media Outreach Program.

This email went out to large numbers of Oklahoma Media Outlets this morning.  Next time I’ll give you more time to comment.

In America we strap down helpless little children and cut away large chunks of the surface area of their genitals for the most ridiculous made up medical quackery.

We believe garbage myths that shouldn’t fool an intelligent graduate of 5th grade science class.  Basic understanding of genetic adaptations to environments combined with basic critical thinking skills is enough to dispel most myths. A basic but shockingly lacking understanding of penial anatomy and function, even and especially among the doctors cutting them off,  should make any mutilated man extremely upset.  

We claim to be brave and free.

We claim to protect children and question anything that could harm them.

Yet we violate everything we claim to be when we strap down and mutilate helpless screaming infants who can’t fight back.

This is the real red pill Oklahoma.  This is your medicine.  I know it doesn’t taste good but only truth will free us from this horrific institutionalized mistake.

We say its a little flap.

We believe straight up lies over the anatomy we are born with.

Its 1/2 the surface area.

We say it has no effect on sensation.

It contains 75% of the nerve endings including the most sensitive parts on a man’s genitals, the frenulum and the ridged band.

Can we chop off half the rods and cones of one eye and still see the same?

Can we put a pencil in one ear drum and hear the same?

Sure One-Eyed-Bob can still see an A on the top line across the room, does that mean he sees the same as Two-Eyed-Bob?

Sure One-Ear-Drum-Betty will still jump if you clap near her head, but does she really hear the same as Both-Ears-Betty?

Would men jump at the opportunity to do the third grade math, which is all it is required to understand this, and openly disparage their own genitals going against human nature to increase our attractiveness to potential partners?

Is a man a coward if he denies his own damage, if him lying to himself to protect his ego harms a child?

The facts are coming America. You can ignore us. You can deny our truth, our speech and even the screams of the 3,000 babies that will be genitally mutilated today.

But Cockfight is going to change this world.

Cockfight isn’t going to be silent anymore.

Intactivists refuse to be cowards, we refuse to fit in with the psychological, sexual and relationship harm of cutting up the genitals of screaming children.

Cockfight is an organization specifically targeting young adults with humor and the wonderful blessing that we just don’t have to cut our childrens’ genitals anymore (we never did). Boy are born perfect too. Just like little girls.  No psychotic, harmful, child abusing, sexually crippling penis reduction surgeries required.



It’s time for honest, real reporting on the facts of American Medicalized Child Genital Cutting!

There are no real medical benefits that justify ripping chunks off children’s genitals. Cut men are all harmed whether they want to admit it or not.

Cowards hide behind social ignorance. Cowards put their head in the sand. Cowards lie to themselves about the state of their crippled genitals to protect their pathetic egos.

Real men protect children.

Real men accept reality.

Real men don’t hide from hard facts.

We are organized.

We are dedicated.

We own every aspect of this debate from Evidence based science, to the medical quackery, to the simple anatomical facts, to the basic ethics of humanity.

We are creating large databases. We are running non stop email, social media, contact form, and tele-intactism phone calls.
We are taking notes of who we talk to and what they think and say. One day we will turn over everything to sociologists, cultural anthropologists and psychologists.

One day when genital mutilation is just as hated as slavery we will share with the world, how shamefully Americans lied to hide the truth about what we do to our children.  Mother’s who say disgusting things about their own child will be exposed, Media who fail at their duties to report unbiased information as well as the doctors who violate their oath will be named and shamed.

You do realize this is about to explode, right?

You do realize that nothing can hold back this information, right?

You do realize that when the youth find out what you did do them, the world will change.,,,,,,, and many others are standing up against medicalized child sexual abuse.

This is indefensible America. There is no justification you could imagine that will make this okay.

One day people will judge our actions by the hard choices and the right choices not some pathetic lies.

We are on the right side of history, I wonder, what about the Media of Oklahoma?

Will you protect children when parents, grown men, mothers, wives, priests and doctors want you to hide the TRUTH about America’s hidden, shameful, embarrassing, disturbing, psychotic genital mutilation of helpless children?

I promise you one thing, this is the one issue that will expose the truth of a person.


Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium   

> click for directions

Sunday, NOVEMBER 22, 2020 AT 9:00 AM – 11:30

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church   

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Serious Fun with Cockfight in Oklahoma

Link to Event in Oklahoma this weekend

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