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Circumcision Researcher Apologizes to Intactivists Admits ‘Mistake’



I was researching various published research articles looking at the researchers and the organizations behind them.  

I was taught to always ask when reading scientific papers, “Who profits? Who pays for it?  What is their profit motive?”

Not surprising, most references are weak, with wild claims and circular logic where one published article supports another which supports another which supports itself, none of which have any real value.

The medical excuses are GARBAGE!!! The studies behind them easy to refute.

Following one reference on a Pro Mutilation for HIV prevention garbage study I found a study that showed a small insignificant reduction in HPV during various stages of the virus. Of course this is a particularly weak reason to torture and mutilate a child while removing essential to normal function tissue. But it pads a reference page for junk science.

While researching the researchers I found a name and number to the author of the study.

Of course, I did what any active intactivist would do with a phone number to a researcher who supports what we know is a horrific crime against helpless children, I called her.

I expected to leave an educational message, but she answered.

Surprised, she caught me off guard.  I asked to speak to her and when she said this is me, I caught myself and asked her the question I think needed asking most.

“Are there any other body parts we can cut off children for a trivial medical benefit? Do you know of other studies that show medical benefits to amputating healthy body parts?”

She said something but I was still a little off and I didn’t catch it.  I think she was trying to interrupt me, which I assumed was a defensive mechanism.

But she would hear what I called to say if it was up to me.  

I expected she would give me some hateful answer and then hang up so I went on to get this next bit out before the hang up….

“I would have never chosen to painfully remove ½ the surface area and ¾ of the nerves of my genitals for some paltry reduction in some relatively rare disease. I hate that I was mutilated and I feel like my rights to my own body were violated.”

What happened next caught me totally off guard.



Rather then try to explain or insult me or trivialize my concerns she asked me, “Have you ever done something when you were young, that you regretted the REST of your life:”

Me stammering, “Yes….of course.”

Her, “Well I was young with a group of students and we did our task, but I had no comprehension of its repercussions and to this day I regret being part of that.”

She told me she has since left that area of study and she that she apologizes for ever being a part of something that harmed other people. 

I’m paraphrasing here as I didn’t memorize it but NEVER in all of my Tele-Intactivism had I EVER gotten such a response.

I’ve talked with doctors and support staff but never with a researcher of a published study used by the worst of the worst high functioning snakes to justify ripping apart children’s genitals as well as the atrocious racist mutilation of both African adults and youth males under ridiculous notion of reducing HIV.  

This woman was not that snake.  She knows now.  God bless her.  I wouldn’t want that on my shoulder.  

Furthermore, she was holding back emotion in her voice. It was like she was expecting me to show up at some time. It was like she knew my pain without me telling her and she wanted to say sorry to me.  I knew this was sincere regret.

This is very RARE! Look, this society can twist and change even a Mother’s protective instinct. But to be HONEST with ONE’S SELF and to be honest with a stranger, that really called to voice a grievance, shows a level of character above and beyond.

I guess this is our lesson. We own the debate. NEVER WAVER, NOR DOUBT your position.

This was a PhD professor at a University. We are all human. No matter our mistakes, we deserve the opportunity to become better people.

We all make mistakes. If we double down on them and refuse to acknowledge them, that is when we are failures. Especially if the lie we tell ourselves to protect our own ego harms another person. I have no respect for any human that refuses to acknowledge the harm of Child Genital Cutting. There is literally no defense of the crime.

When you voice your concerns and state your truth give them an opportunity to come correct. Give them the opportunity to grow. Plant the seed. Try to connect, look for any opportunity to plant a seed that can grow.

Don’t take this as a reason to be meek or let people push you around. This is INTACTIVISM! We have the facts and people need them.


Be willing to stand your ground and say your piece and make your voice HEARD! At the same time let your energy be one of Education, of Opportunity, of Sharing and most all of CARING!

Meditate on developing this condition inside of you before you make your phone calls.

Quick side message. This is a University Professor. I’m sharing with her essential valuable information.

THIS is how we create CHANGE! Lets go to the professors. Lets make sure the teachers of our youth have access to truthful science relating to this issue!


We gather data on high value targets. We send emails, online contact forms and social media campaigns on various subjects with the goal of educating high value targets. Then we follow up with phone calls and record them.

Its a guaranteed winning strategy that NO ONE is doing besides NLI!

Out of respect for her please don’t ask which study or which researcher.  

I will only share her information with her permission.  

I really don’t think its necessary to know her name.  I definately don’t want anyone else bothering her.  I may try to get her to join a pod cast or a Video conference we can post to YouTube.  

Comment below.  Let me know what you think about this.  

To me it just made me feel respected, accepted, and that we are doing something right and valuable for humanity.  Its a rare crumb of validation from this monstrous web of deceit and lies.

We need that community.  We need that understanding from others. We need to build bridges and set aide our differences!


My Email to her with Links to Important Psychological Research Read On:

I’m humbled, sometimes, doing this work.

Your conversation did that to me, this afternoon, and that means a lot to me. It is the small things that matter sometimes. Many of us just want acknowledgment. We want to know that others know that this isn’t right, and it wasn’t right what happened to us.

No matter who tells me or how many tell me I’m crazy, even if I was alone in the world, which I am not as there are many, many, many like me, I would still know that I’m right, that this is wrong to do to helpless infants. I have known it deep in the fiber of my being since I discovered the truth of what happened to me.

It gave me a strength and an unwavering foundation that will define who I am in this world and what I leave behind, because my purpose is greater than myself.

You caught me off guard. I didn’t expect that you would be the person I see that you are by your actions. Somethings you can’t fake.

It takes a strong, big heart to acknowledge one’s own mistakes and how they affect others. It’s easy to use confrontational biases with all the misinformation that is out there. It’s easy to tell oneself ego protecting lies when society itself supports the lie.

To go against the grain, to be honest with oneself when you can fall back on the support of a whole society, takes a rare and special kind of person. Then to take all that and admit it to a stranger on the phone?

I respect you, and can see that you are genuine. I could hear it in your voice. It said everything. It’s like I know who you are as a human, and I appreciate you because of it. The issue ‘cuts’ right to the truth of a person. You literally made my day with your natural reaction to my phone call.

The more I learn about this the more disheartened I am by it. It calls into question everything I once thought of myself and my world around me and the people around me, even my own family.

I once believed that people were genuinely good and that parents do the best they can for their children and protect them from harm. I believed that people were rational and educated and that you could trust authorities, as they knew best and they were there to help us.

I believed our parents, teachers and doctors all did things for good reasons and that doing something just to fit in was an obvious mistake and no excuse for bad behavior.

Wasn’t that the foundation of DARE? DARE to be different? DARE to be off drugs? DARE to think for yourself?

I imagined Mothers as Momma Bears who would sacrifice their own life to protect their children and beware anyone who would harm them. I imagined Fathers as men who would fight to the death for their child and who would never let someone harm them. I never could have imagined something so horrible, so obviously evil, so harmful just to fit in with the Joneses down the street could ever be true.

But that’s what this is. A social need to conform. To fit in, with the Joneses.

Too good to be true, never is true. But too wrong, too abhorrent, too evil to be true would be even far more rare beyond that, right?

With my new understanding of human psychology, sadly, I can see why society simply refuses to apply the same level of thought to American Medicalized Child Genital Cutting as we do with everything else in our lives.

I can see why we feed this taboo with our indifference and deflections.

This violates everything we think we are. This makes hypocrites of everything we claim to be as a technologically advanced civilization. This makes us liars to ourselves and worse liars to our children who suffer from our mistakes.

How can we can’t claim to be free when we don’t even own our own bodies? When other people can decide how much of our body we get to keep?

We can’t claim to be good parents when we have difficulty choosing whether or not to do something horrific to our children. We can’t claim to be medically ethical when we use trivial benefits as post hoc excuses to justify a cultural, religious blood ritual on the genitals of helpless screaming children.

(Its not even Christian. Christianity is against genital cutting, Jesus replaced the original penis sacrifice which is the whole purpose of the second half of the bible.)

There is NO WAY something so wrong could be true, that rational, educated, moral people could be so oblivious to pure evil right beneath their noses!

I still struggle with the realization that not only is it true, it happened to me. Not only did it happen to me, but it’s happening down the street to another baby. Its happening every day to 3,000 babies across America. It rips at my heart like it rips at the helpless beautiful children whom were born perfect just the way they are, no need to make a choice that isn’t yours to make.  Parental customizations are not valid reasonable options any more than it is some stranger’s right to come customize our bodies for their whims.  

I literally can’t even fathom this ever becoming a thing of humanity. I can’t fathom millennia of child abuse happening non stop. It calls into question our very value as humans. If we can’t see the obvious wrong behind such a harmful attack on the genitals of healthy children what value can we have as humans?

I hate that this happened to me. It makes me sick to even think about. It puts me at odds with the world around me. It makes me sick and defeated and outraged and angry and depressed and just SAD!

I think that’s why your apology and just your acknowledgment meant so much to me. 

I don’t do this because I enjoy it. I don’t enjoy being right about this. I don’t enjoy making someone feel bad over a past mistake. I do it because I cannot not fight it. Because our CHILDREN deserve better, because to know better is to do better!

As men who know the facts of how the harm every circumcised man suffers from regardless of his acknowledgment, we are denied validation of our pain or recognition of what we have lost. We are told that we are crazy for even questioning what happened to our bodies. We are told, no one else complains as if societal wide ignorance was ever a valid excuse to deny truth about harm done to our most vulnerable.

I would do anything to have lived my life as a whole man. I would choose another country, another family, another life.

I realize that I will never experience what my whole body would have been like. I feel robbed and cheated out of the best part of the best part of life.

The cherry on top of my cake is forever missing. Every time I make love to my wife I’m reminded. Will I lose my erection because I barely feel much anymore? Will it take me forever to finish? What if I can’t finish again? Will she blame herself?

The thoughts of why I struggle making the struggle worse. A positive feedback loop with lifelong negative effects.

At 43 years of age, with 43 years of exposed Mucosal surface my skin is thickened and tougher reducing the sensation of the 25% of the nerve endings left over from the attack on my body. To add insult to injury what is left over has greatly waned over time. I have a numb nob, not a fully functioning sex organ.

Sometimes I get frustrated and choose not to make love at all. I know now the truth. It took 36 years before I found out, 6 more years of study for the full realization I’m at today. Information I would be far better off lying to myself about.

But some things are more important than my ego. Like a child I never met, but would do anything for.

Despite the taboo, the truth is coming. Men are waking up to what happened to us. Of course we don’t want to admit our sex organ is literally crippled, we are partial penis amputees. Of course no man wants to accept such a reality. Of course men are not going to complain, not until they realize their symptoms they thought were just normal parts of life are in fact, a result of our damage.

No woman wants to admit the man she loves is damaged. No mother wants to admit she did something horrible to her own child.

But somehow, someday, somebody is going to have to take a stand, to protect children from our insecurities with the natural bodies we are born with.

Time to grow past this weird, embarrassing, immature human stage where grown adults become scared of the DNA past down from 150 million years of natural selection stage. We are born perfect. I was born perfect. It was men, not nature, not science who made the mistake.

The medical excuses are flimsy and crumbling. There is literally no reasonable medical or scientific excuse one could use to justify doing this to our children. For a small questionable reduction in HPV? I would have never traded ½ the surface area, 75% of the nerve endings, the main mechanically functioning tissue of my genitals for some paltry reduction in HPV even if reality was 4 times the claimed benefit.

My right to choose about my own body was stolen from me. I would have NEVER chosen this for myself.

This has dramatically altered and damaged the psychology of the men of our society. We have less sexual connection, less sexual satisfaction, less emotional connection. Our abilities to give our women orgasm has been damaged. Our sexual release and satisfaction have been reduced. And the procedure itself is so painful it alters the mind of the child for life giving us PTSD and forever altering our perceptions and reactions to the world around us.

The reality is far more sad and disheartening than I could have realized without my research so I don’t expect anyone else to understand it like I do. But somehow you do get it and I felt that from you.

I know who you are as a person just from that phone call. You proved it to me faster than anything else in my life. This is the real red pill in our society and you would have made Morpheus proud lol.

If you ever would like to do a podcast or YouTube video to talk about this, I think you could have a very powerful perspective on this.

I’m making a plan to expose the facts of this issue and to make the world a better place for our children.

We NEED to protect our children. We HAVE to protect our children. They deserve the TRUTH about their bodies. They deserve to grow up with all their body parts intact.

They deserve for us to be the people we are telling them we are! How can we teach life lessons, we ourselves are failing at?

Thank you for being genuine! Thank you for your acknowledgment and validation! Thank you for your strength and your concern and your compassion! Thank you for your apology!

Let me know any feelings you have on this, or any questions you may have.

Here is some of the research I told you I would send to you.



PS. There is a lot here. Please read or skim each one as each one I chose for you for a reason. I have extensive research on all aspects of this issue. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have on any aspect of this issue from anatomy, structure and function, to history to the psychological impact.

“The worst circumcision scar is the one left in the brain of its victims.”

Ronald Goldman, PhD, Psychologist


“The adrenal cortisol response to surgery was not significantly reduced by the administration of lidocaine.”

Dorsal Nerve Block and Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetic Cream

“Based on 35 clinical trials involving 1,997 newborns, it can be concluded that DPNB (Dorsal Penile Nerve Block) and EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetic Cream) do not eliminate circumcision pain. None of the studied interventions completely eliminated the pain response to circumcision.”

Psychological Effects Study Halted Die to Extreme Pain

Study halted due to extreme trauma of infants Do to MUTILATING their genitals

Psychologists Talk About Damage of MGM

Psychiatrist Richard Schwartzman discusses his personal experiences with, and feelings about circumcision; his observations about the importance of early childhood nurturing, and protection from trauma.

Professor Gregory Boyle speaks frankly in condemning forced genital cutting of children, revealing his personal struggles with this issue and his observations about the psychological motivations behind childhood genital mutilation.

Effect of neonatal circumcision on pain responses during vaccination in boys

Using data from one of our randomised trials, we investigated post-hoc whether male neonatal circumcision is associated with a greater pain response to routine vaccination at 4 or 6 months. Circumcised infants had higher behavioral pain scores (8 vs 6, p=0·01) and cried longer (53 vs 19 s, p=0·02). Thus neonatal circumcision may affect pain response several months after the event.

Effects of Trauma on infants

Dysregulation of the Right Brain: A Fundamental Mechanism of Traumatic Attachment and the Psychopathogenesis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Breast Feeding Disrupted

There is scientific evidence

that the trauma of circumcision

makes it harder for a baby

to learn how to suckle.

Alexithymia and Circumcision Trauma: A Preliminary


Article in International Journal of Men s Health · May 2011 DOI: 10.3149/jmh.1002.184

This preliminary study investigates what role early trauma might have in alexithymia acquisition for adults by controlling for male circumcision. Three hundred self-selected men were administered the Toronto Twenty-Item Alexithymia Scale checklist and a personal history questionnaire. The circumcised men had age-adjusted alexithymia scores 19.9 percent higher than the intact men; were 1.57 times more likely to have high alexithymia scores; were 2.30 times less likely to have low alexithymia scores; had higher prevalence of two of the three alex- ithymia factors (difficulty identifying feelings and difficulty describing feelings); and were 4.53 times more likely to use an erectile dysfunction drug. Alexithymia in this population of adult men is statistically significant for having experienced circumcision trauma and for erectile dysfunction drug use.

Circumcision: Serial Killing and Criminal Behavior in American Medical Violence

It is not coincidence that 11 out of 12 of the genocides that have taken place in recent history have involved circumcisers as either the primary victims or the primary aggressors, in three cases circumcisers were both the primary aggressors and the primary victims. Nor is it coincidence that societies where circumcision is practiced are constantly in conflict, either internally or externally. Read the work of James W Prescott for more information.

Circumcision, the psychological damage: a major but the most often unconscious trauma (psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry) (updated 10.19.2016)

The agony and terror of circumcision have lasting, measurable effects on the brain, physically altering it forever

Epigenetics and Child Development: How Children’s Experiences Affect Their Genes

Although frequently misunderstood, adverse fetal and early childhood experiences can—and do—lead to physical and chemical changes in the brain that can last a lifetime.

Injurious experiences, such as malnutrition, exposure to chemical toxins or drugs, and toxic stress before birth or in early childhood are not “forgotten,” but rather are built into the architecture of the developing brain through the epigenome. The “biological memories” associated with these epigenetic changes can affect multiple organ systems and increase the risk not only for poor physical and mental health outcomes but also for impairments in future learning capacity and behavior.

Childhood Trauma Permanently Scars Brain, And Boosts Likelihood Of Depression

Stress and trauma in earliest years linked to reduced hippocampal volume in adolescence

Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Thickness Is Related to Alexithymia in Childhood Trauma-Related PTSD


Alexithymia, or “no words for feelings”, is highly prevalent in samples with childhood maltreatment and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (dACC) has been identified as a key region involved in alexithymia, early life trauma, and PTSD.

Functional alterations in the dACC also have been associated with alexithymia in PTSD. This study examined whether dACC morphology is a neural correlate of alexithymia in child maltreatment-related PTSD.

Sixteen adults with PTSD and a history of childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, or exposure to domestic violence, and 24 healthy controls (HC) completed the Toronto Alexithymia Scale 20 (TAS–20) and underwent magnetic resonance imaging.

Cortical thickness of the dACC was measured using FreeSurfer, and values were correlated with TAS–20 scores, controlling for sex and age, in both groups. Average TAS–20 score was significantly higher in the PTSD than the HC group. TAS–20 scores were significantly positively associated with dACC thickness only in the PTSD group.

This association was strongest in the left hemisphere and for TAS–20 subscales that assess difficulty identifying and describing feelings. We found that increasing dACC gray matter thickness is a neural correlate of greater alexithymia in the context of PTSD with childhood maltreatment. While findings are correlational, they motivate further inquiry into the relationships between childhood adversity, emotional awareness and expression, and dACC morphologic development in trauma-related psychopathology.

In the human brain, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is the frontal part of the cingulate cortex that resembles a “collar” surrounding the frontal part of the corpus callosum. It consists of Brodmann areas 24, 32, and 33.

It appears to play a role in a wide variety of autonomic functions, such as regulating blood pressure and heart rate.[citation needed]

It is also involved in certain higher-level functions, such as attention allocation,[1] reward anticipation, decision-making,[2] ethics and morality,[3] impulse control (e.g. performance monitoring and error detection),[4] and emotion.[5][6]

Stress and trauma in earliest years linked to reduced hippocampal volume in adolescence

“These findings tell us that there may be a ‘sensitive period’ in which stress is more likely to affect the development of the hippocampus, which is connected to learning, memory and mood,” said lead author Kathryn L. Humphreys, assistant professor of psychology at Vanderbilt. “Given that the hippocampus undergoes rapid changes in the first years of life, the effects of stressful experiences during this period, even those the child doesn’t remember, may be particularly important in understanding the development of this region of the brain.”

Stress and trauma in earliest years linked to reduced hippocampal volume in adolescence


Findings highlight individual differences in neural function following childhood trauma, and point to inhibition‐related activation in rostral ACC as a risk factor for PTSD.

Early Life Stress and Morphometry of the Adult Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Caudate Nuclei


Early life stress (ELS) is linked to adult psychopathology and may contribute to long-term brain alterations, as suggested by studies of women who suffered childhood sexual abuse. We examine whether reported adverse ELS defined as stressful and/or traumatic adverse childhood events (ACEs) is associated with smaller limbic and basal ganglia volumes.


Reported ELS is associated with smaller ACC and caudate volumes, but not the hippocampal or amygdala volumes. The reasons for these brain effects are not entirely clear, but may reflect the influence of early stress and traumatic events on the developing brain.

Childhood Trauma Exposure Disrupts the Automatic Regulation of Emotional Processing

Results showed that trauma-exposed youth failed to dampen dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activity and engage amygdala–pregenual cingulate inhibitory circuitry during the regulation of emotional conflict, and were less able to regulate emotional conflict. In addition, trauma-exposed youth showed greater conflict-related amygdala reactivity that was associated with diminished levels of trait reward sensitivity. These data point to a trauma-related deficit in automatic regulation of emotional processing, and increase in sensitivity to emotional conflict in neural systems implicated in threat detection. Aberrant amygdala response to emotional conflict was related to diminished reward sensitivity that is emerging as a critical stress-susceptibility trait that may contribute to the emergence of mental illness during adolescence. These results suggest that deficits in conflict regulation for emotional material may underlie heightened risk for psychopathology in individuals that endure early-life trauma.

ACE What are ACE?

Stop Abuse Campaign

Adverse Childhood Experiences Psychology

IA’s ACEs quiz includes genital cutting.

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5 thoughts on “Circumcision Researcher Apologizes to Intactivists Admits ‘Mistake’”

  1. Why not come out with a public statement? Why not hold a piece of paper that says she is sorry and take a photo of herself so we can use it? Is she gagged? At the very least, donate to the genital autonomy organizations!


      She is swamped atm with adjusting the curriculum at the school to deal with COVID. I’m not sure how far this will go. I’m SUPER happy with her disseminating factual information about the anatomy of the male genitals as well as the psychological damage to her medical students. If she feels like taking that step I will let you know.

      I understand that we want more. Its not enough to just apologize and forget about it. We deal with it every day of our lives.

      All I can say is this is a win. Pushing her for more I think would be counterproductive. The option is open for her and I hope she will in the future. I need a stronger history then just a phone call before she drops in for a video.

      I know we also want someone to blame. In my mind I have accepted her apology. I’m just happy for how it went, as the whole thing was unexpected.

  2. Fantastic validation of all the hard work and ingenuity the NLI volunteers have been doing! What a riveting story! I sincerely hope you form a lasting friendship with the scientist and she appears publicly and agrees to an interview in one of your videos.

  3. Hi, circumcision researcher here, coming from r/intactivists with a novel twist on the early paleohistory of why uncircumcised European philistine pig farmers didn’t fit into the culture surrounding Gaza. By way of example along the way, I deconstructed shrouded myths, in the mists of time travel, titled “The Long Way Back To Now…”. Such is “Cancel Culture” that the original article can no longer be found. Nonetheless, it involves the case of a parasitoidal catalyst in the guise of something like the potato plant introducing starch into the canine genome. During one of the several times that canines became domesticated, starch had the effect of inducing accelerated organ growth which likewise shortened lifespans of dogs vs wolves. At eight days after birth, during the critical socialization window, starch separated dogs from the wolf, who must remain forever wild due to their unfocused vision and subsequent fear-induced sensory shocks, of real biting pain that creates life long alpha allegiances. We know this secret pain at 8 days was later adopted into the soul of Judaism from where these parasitoids corrupted humanity to the point of our near extinction. It fostered wolf-like savage alpha-behavior in similar human tribes as they walked out of Africa, but before they made it to Alaska. Columbus discovered this right of passage to the north and it seems these people weren’t of the southern descendants that they confronted in Tenochtitlan. The process of domestication of wolves in Europe took an entirely different path.

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